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One of my students, who also lifts weights, recently told me that after just a few Yoga classes he increased his bench-press weight from 250 to 350 pounds.  I couldn't believe it.  He said that focusing on his breathing made the difference.

And another student is a tennis player -- she was on her college tennis team, is a professional tennis instructor, promotes and teaches tennis at camps for kids and at NWACC and is the local director of the National Tennis Association, so she is really a tennis player.  She had not been playing for awhile because she had just moved and was starting a new business, etc.  When her mother started coming to the lunch-time Yoga class, she joined her.  When she returned to a regular tennis practice (which led to all of the above), her coach told her she was playing better than ever and he said it was because of the Yoga practice.  Cool, huh?

A woman, over 60, who had serious arthritis in all her joints starting taking Yoga classes at a local fitness center.  This type of Yoga, called Power Yoga, is very demanding aerobically as well as for increasing strength.  And at a fitness center you will seldom get any personal attention -- you are just one of many in the class.  This woman stuck with it, though, doing what she could and resting when she needed to.  She said she was in more pain for 8 months -- but then around the 9th month her arthritis pain started bothering her less and less to the point where she was basically pain free -- unless she went on a vacation and didn't practice for a week or so.  Then she could feel herself start to tighten up.

A student emailed me with the link below stating  "Thanks to a good Yoga instructor, I think my overall performance has improved as well.  I can't tell people enough about the great benefits of a good Yoga practice!"

Here's the link to the newsletter focusing on cross-training:

If you cannot get to the newsletter, here's a similar link:

Here's a link to a site that has information about the health benefits of a regular Yoga practice:  listing know benefits of Yoga and results of studies, and a newspaper article from the Rocky Mountain News about the same thing:,1299,DRMN_4537_3782800,00.html

The most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other information about Yoga are answered at the Yoga Journal site " New To Yoga"

Here's another good site with some Yoga supplies and videos:

Go here to see a list of asanas (poses) and click on the links to get descriptions of each pose:  The descriptions are basic as to alignment and form -- instruction as to each pose is still important.

As a therapeutic tool, Yoga Nidra is included in women's programs for managing asthma, high blood pressure, edema, cramping, PMS, fatigue, insomnia, stress management, constipation,
endometriosis, leucorrhoea and sexual tension.  It is extremely useful in kicking off smoking,
poor eating habits and even unsatisfactory relationships!!  To get more details on Yoga Nidra and how to practice it:  If, after reading about it, you are interested in practicing Yoga Nidra in a group setting, please email Pamela.

Here's a very good over-all site about Yoga and its benefits:

For you to read and/or print, here's information about Yoga and Depression, Yoga and Osteoporosis, Yoga and Weight Loss, why a Breathing Practice is important, Improving Posture, why some people get Hurt Practicing Yoga, why maintaining Flexibility is important, new studies about Yoga and Is Yoga is Enough to Keep You Fit, and last but not least Learning to "Let Go".  Even Time magazine has written cover stories on Yoga and meditation.  Visit and search for Yoga or meditation.  An example of their articles is "Just Say Om"

This is a list of books and videos which I have found to be helpful and informative.  (Include the two by Seane Corn -- great for learning Sun Salutations and correct breathing.) I'm sure there are many more out there, and new one being created and written all the time.  If you can find a way to rent a video before you buy it, that is always a good idea. 

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