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Please go to our Schedule and Costs page for details about classes, prices, etc. 

And all of our Yoga classes include a meditation or relaxation with various focus techniques to help calm and relax the body and the mind. And each Yoga class ends with a gong relaxation.

You can schedule a private or semi-private class with Pamela for Yoga, Pilates or a combination of the two.  These classes can be either at the RabBoar Studio, or at your location.

Learn more about our instructor, Pamela, below.

Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice    


Increased Flexibility


Increased Strength and Balance


Increased Range of Motion in Major Joints


Increased Bone Density


Increased Energy


Reduced Back Pain


Reduced Pain from Arthritis


Reduces Feelings of Stress

Here are 77 Health Benefits of Yoga...

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Yoga. And here is some Information about Yoga and how to practice.

You will often see or hear Yoga defined as "an Indian Sanskrit word which can be translated to mean “union” or “discipline”.  We could then define Yoga as a discipline that leads to inner and outer union, harmony, and joy", but this is only partially right.  It has also been defined as "a process of channeling the activities of the mind in the desired direction, and sustaining that focus without being distracted."  So "both the movement toward the goal, and the state of absorption itself, are Yoga."    I prefer this second definition, which comes from "Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind" by A.G. Mohan. 

A regular practice of Yoga will help you achieve a stronger and more flexible body, and will increase the range of motion in your hips and shoulders and other joints.  But more importantly, regular practice has been proven to relieve stress, increase energy, and promote a general feeling of well-being.  We all know that stress is a major contributing factor for heart disease and even some cancers.  Also, studies have found that not only will your strength and flexibility increase, you can help relieve (and possibly eliminate) back pain and neck and shoulder pain, and increase a limited range of motion caused by arthritis.  The March/April AARP magazine had an article about arthritis which stated that “two months of yoga cut pain by 50 percent among patients with knee osteoarthritis." Here are some links and articles about Yoga benefits.

To read more about our Yoga teachers, please visit our Teachers page.  You can read more about Pamela, the studio director & primary Yoga instructor below.

Pamela (Arjinder Kaur) has been practicing Yoga since 1992 and is a certified Yoga instructor,  a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor,  member of 3HO, & a member of the Yoga Alliance.  She has been a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, has studied and practiced Reflexology, is a certified Pilates instructor, is a certified Hypnotherapist, and is a Level 3 Reiki healer.  She and her husband, David, opened the RabBoar Studio of Tai Chi Chuan, Hatha Yoga and Pilates in May, 2003.  

Pamela never even considered teaching Yoga until she had been practicing for over 9 years.  She feels that to teach Yoga, it is important to learn and grow through a personal practice.  And now, after having taught for about 18 years, she knows she will always have more to learn.  Yoga, whether teaching or in your personal practice is an on-going learning experience.

And so she continues to learn, not just through teaching, but by attending classes and workshops with instructors such as Gary Kraftsow, founder of the American Viniyoga Institute (, one of Gary's students, John Kepner, Director of the International Association of Yoga Therapist (, teacher training classes with Judith Hanson Lasater (, and Kundalini Yoga from Methab and Guru Karam, directors of the YogaYoga studios in Austin, TX , Siri Bahadur teacher trainer at  YogaYoga, Gurudhan, President of  YogaWest in Los Angeles  and Karta Purkh and Sat Inder from the 3HO Kansas City Kundalini Yoga center.

And Kundalini Yoga, taught, from the heart, by Pamela (Arjinder), or David, as stated by Yogi Bhajan:

"In Kundalini Yoga we do not initiate anybody. If person is foolish enough or not fit enough to initiate himself or herself, our initiation will not make any difference. It's the quality of the people, the quality of their thought, the quality of their perception, the quality of their projection, quality of their behavior, and the quality of their life which matters. Not the quantity!"

Pamela's personal practice is Kundalini Yoga & meditation.

Pamela feels that Hatha Yoga as taught at most fitness centers is "watered down" Yoga, and basically concerned only with the physical aspects of Yoga. Her  classes incorporate some flowing asanas, some holding asanas, Pranayama, bandhas and other Yoga techniques to allow every student to find the path to their "essential nature".  She believes Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a technique for self-discovery and personal growth. She includes more advanced meditation techniques, such as Yoga Nidra, deeper Pranayama practices, and energy increasing movements and techniques such as Chi Gung in many of her classes.

To help her students move further into their practice, she will use props and modifications to adapt poses to individual needs; however she does not use props to force the body into positions it may not be ready for.  She believes that each person's Yoga practice is unique, just as each person’s body is unique.  Because Hatha Yoga incorporates various Yoga techniques and styles, you can find the way of practicing Yoga which feels right for you at any point in time -- and this may change day by and or even hour by hour.  One type of practice might feel better in the morning, another type in the evening.  Pamela  will seldom use any hand-on adjustments to a pose, although she will guide you into finding your way to better and safer alignment.

Along with the focus on alignment and form and the use of props, asana variations and flowing or moving asana are incorporated into many of the classes. From a gentle stretching and relaxing class with candles and soft music, to a more aerobic, flowing and invigorating class you can experience many different aspects of Yoga. 

And we always practice with a sharing, laughing, light attitude.

The studio is set at a slightly warmer temperature when first starting the class, then is kept at a moderate temperature throughout so students do not overheat, but are still warm enough for safe stretching.  Correct breath is encourage in all the classes, and occasionally there will be special focus on Pranayama (breath control).

You can reach Pamela at, at 621-8003, or on her cell at 531-3322.

For descriptions of the classes taught at the studio, please go to the schedule and costs page.

For more information about starting a regular Yoga practice, and to prepare you for your first Yoga class at the studio, please click HERE and read or print the document that opens.

And to help you with your breathing (pranayama) practice, here's a good, and long, article: Wind Through the Instrument.

Here's some students who benefited from Yoga and some reference materials.



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