This is a short heads up for people interested in internal development.

We're going to have a series of 4 seminars over the next 12 months for "The Heavenly Cycles / Moving Qi around the body for Health and Self Defense."

Tentatively, the schedule is summer & fall this year, early spring and mid summer next year, the teacher is Brad Whitewulf, those of you that are aware of Chinese neigung, this series of visualizations is what Chow Chi Han must have used to cultivate Gold Bell Cover is how he described the series.

The Marrow Washing, and 8 Pieces Of Brocade, taught by Brad last year, help get started with the visualizations, but when I asked Brad who may attend he said "I'd say just about anyone that is used to the visualization process. Since this is all Internal, visualizing the energy is most important, as you well know."

These will be 1/2 day seminars, the intention is to jump-start a viable neigung practice over a period of one year. The location is at our studio in Rogers, AR. Fees will be reasonable.

Contact or call 479-531-3199 for more information.