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Strengthen Your Core!!

Class is Wednesday evening, 5:45 - 6:45 PM and is a combination class which include some Pilates (see below more about Pilates), some, core Yoga, sometimes we might warm up with hula hoops or large fitness balls and always include plenty of stretching at the end.  We encourage proper form and resting when necessary, so even if you are currently not very strong, you can participate in this class gradually building up your strength.

For information about how to practice Pilates, and ways to modify movements if you need to, please read:  Pilates Details.

Pilates is a system of movement and exercise created and developed by German-born athlete and physical therapy pioneer, Joseph Hubertus Pilates.  Utilizing his specially designed equipment, this innovative method educates, re-patterns, realigns, and balances your body.  It promotes maximum muscle strength while increasing flexibility, coordination and stamina.

Pilates also decompresses your joints and, consequently, stimulates and improves circulation.  This enhanced circulation, combined with increased strength, range of motion, and a more balanced musculature, promotes healthy tissue and precise, efficient movement patterns.

Pilates strengthens and stretches, frees you from poor postural habits, helps heal back, neck and other joint problems, and alleviates tension and fatigue.  Doctors, physical therapists, dancers, and athletes have long revered Pilates as a powerful healing and educational physical training system.

The Pilates Method shapes bodies.  It makes them fitter and stronger and more attractive.  It slims the muscles and makes them more compact, developing sleekness rather than bulk.  It turns the abdomen and lower back and hips into a firm central support for a newly supple and graceful body.

Pilates, whether practiced in classes on the mat or with a trainer on the equipment, is considered a mind, body and spirit workout.  The smooth, almost dance-like motions and an emphasis on proper breathing leave participants feelling refreshed and open.  The exercises require concentration, control, precision, specific breathing patterns and dynamic, fluid movements.  Deep abdominal muscles remain fully engaged during the workout, while torso, arm and leg movements are performed against body or spring resistance.

Whether you are getting in shape, rehabilitating from an injury or chronic pain, training for an athletic competition, improving your sports technique, or just looking for an interesting, new physical challenge, the Pilates Method is for you!


I can't put it any better than Mari Winsor, developer of Winsor Pilates:

"The Pilates method of body conditioning is different from other methods of body conditioning.  Instead of being mindless exercise, it is a very mindful activity. You must concentrate on what you are doing.  This intense physical concentration forms what is know as a mind-body connection, very similar to what you experience when practicing Yoga.  With any movement or exercise, it is our brain that holds us back, not our bodies; our bodies are capable of seemingly impossible feats when we are faced with dire situation.  It is our insecurities and thoughts of limitation that truly control our physical limits and performance levels.

The mental aspect to this form of exercise requires practice, but will soon come to you effortlessly and consciously, and will have profound ramifications for you throughout your personal life.  When we can physically conquer the limitations of our bodies, everything in our lives gets just a little bit easier.  We become more comfortable inside our own skin."

Pamela, your instructor, is a certified Spencer Pilates instructor.  For more information about her background, see the Hatha Yoga page.


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