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Create COMPLETE Health

You Body Will Not Be Healthy If Your Mind & Spirit Are Not Healthy

Our students are looking for more than just a "workout".  You can get stronger & more flexible in many ways, and we do have some classes that focus on strength and flexibility, but we know (and studies have shown) that physical exercise is not enough for health & happiness.

The disciplines we teach focus on the "whole" person, not just physical strength and flexibility -- our classes are not just another type of aerobics -- they are disciplines which can help you feel better in all aspects of your life.  

Kundalini Yoga, in particular, is a "fast track" to complete heath -- body, mind & spirit.  With an intense focus on balancing the endocrine system you will create emotional health, a healthy immune & nervous system ... and so much more.  With thousands of Kriyas (set of movements) and meditations (to calm & focus the mind) many people feel increased vitality & joy in just a few classes.

And our Hatha Yoga classes and Tai Chi Chuan can help you feel physically better as you learn good alignment, and not just while practicing the discipline.  You'll  become more aware of how you use your body throughout your daily life so you'll create less aches and pains (and stress) doing what you love (or have) to do.  We show you techniques which will help to relieve stress and increase your energy, and which can be done in just a few minutes any time during the day.

We give you individual attention -- we know that everybody is different, as is every body.  We can show you how to modify moves and poses to fit your body at the level you are currently, and what the "next step" is when your body and mind are ready.

When a move or pose is uncomfortable for you, we will take the time to show you how to modify it, or we can recommend a different movement or pose that will give the same results.

Our certified instructors continually attend seminars and training offered by a variety of world-class teachers so we can bring new ideas and practice routines to our students.

RabBoar Studio is located at 12807 E Tucks Chapel Road,  Rogers, Arkansas, in a beautiful country location outside the city limits of Rogers, between Avoca and Little Flock.  The studio offers on-going classes in Tai Chi Chuan, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga (Core, Flow, Stretch), & Pilates and special guest teachers & workshops. RabBoar is the ONLY 3HO partnership studio in Arkansas with 3 registered Kundalini Yoga teachers.

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"Forget mistakes. Forget failures.
Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.
Today is your lucky day."
Will Durant

We have all the equipment necessary for your practice including Yoga/Pilates mats, blocks and blankets, bolsters, straps, exercise balls and bands, etc. so there is no need to lug around your own props, unless you prefer them. 

Our current schedule of classes is listed on this web site, and if you have any questions about which class is right for you, please call 621-8003 and talk to either David or Pamela.  We are always interested in new, related classes, so if you have some knowledge or experience to share with us, please don't hesitate to contact David or Pamela

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Telephone ((479) 621-8003 business phone will only take a message, so call or text mobiles instead)

     ( To reach David just before Tai Chi class call or text - 531-3199)
     ( To reach Pamela before class call or text- 531-3322)
Physical/Mailing address

      12807 E. Tucks Chapel Road, Rogers, AR 72756, driving with GPS use 12806 E Tucks Chapel Rd and then look at the opposite side of the road. We are right across from them. GPS won't get you to the studio unless you actually look up RabBoar Studio instead of the address. Thanks.

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