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How many times have we said "I wish I could...." -- stop something harmful, start something new, release a negative feeling or fear... Imagine what each of us could accomplish if we were our true calm, balanced, wonderful selves -- free from self doubt, believing in ourselves and feeling healthy and in control of our lives. Hypnosis can help us reach our true self.

"Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are embedded within our culture, not only through various holistic arts that a variety of modern day holistic health practitioners make available to the public, but also through simple daily living with altered states of consciousness occurring spontaneously and unconsciously" (Clinical Hypnotherapy: A Transpersonal Approach).

Altered states are times such as when we zone out while driving a car -- still aware and safe, but often getting from point A to point B without noticing many of the points in-between. Or when we read a book and notice we have read a couple of paragraphs w/o remembering them because our mind wandered.

While under hypnosis you have "heightened focus and concentration" according the the Mayo Clinic. You are not "out of it" in the way shown by a stage or entertainment hypnosis act. You cannot and will not do anything you wouldn't do normally, but you are more able to focus on the change you want to occur -- your subconscious is accessed while your conscious mind is relaxed, almost asleep.  Here's what a typical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) session is like. You control the process, your mind controls the results. Hypnosis helps you to reach your goals.

Here's an example of one of the beginning relaxations I've recorded. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ands7TW0uPiDgQsCJjX7GhiteMSR  Turn the sound to a relaxing level.

Hypnosis can reduce or completely eliminated dependency on tobacco products, harmful food choices, can reduce the impact of fears and phobias, and has been used successfully by those suffering from PTSD. It is also a way to learn techniques you can practice on your own to relax and achieve a feeling of control over your life -- to feel more balanced. Here are some of the ways hypnosis can help. 

Here is information about Pamela, the hypnotherapist. If our FAQ page doesn't answer your questions, for more information or to make an appointment, call Pamela at 479-531-3322 or email pamela@rabboar.com.


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